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IEEE Based 2016 - 2017 .Net Projects

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    IEEE Transaction On Parallel & Distributed Systems

  1. Cost-Effective Data Transfer for Mobile Health Care
  2. A Clustering-Based Multi-Layer Distributed Ensemble for Neurological Diagnostics in Cloud Services
  3. Dynamic and Public Auditing with Fair Arbitration for Cloud Data
  4. Middleware-oriented Deployment Automation for Cloud Applications
  5. Cost Minimization Algorithms for Data Centre Management
  6. Minimum Dependencies Energy-Efficient Scheduling in Data Centres
  7. Path Graph: A Path Centric Graph Processing System
  8. Network Diversity: A Security Metric for Evaluating the Resilience of Networks against Zero-Day Attacks
  9. IEEE Transaction On Cloud Computing

  10. Encrypted Data Management with Deduplication in Cloud Computing
  11. Identity-Based Encryption with Cloud Revocation Authority and Its Applications
  12. Multi-agent-Based Resource Allocation for Energy Minimization in Cloud Computing Systems
  13. Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Computing Using Revocable-Storage Identity-Based Encryption
  14. Providing User Security Guarantees in Public Infrastructure Clouds
  15. PHE: An Efficient Traitor Tracing and Revocation for Encrypted File Syncing-and-Sharing in Cloud
  16. Probabilistic Optimization of Resource Distribution and Encryption for Data Storage in the Cloud
  17. EPAS: A Sampling Based Similarity Identification Algorithm for the Cloud
  18. Middleware-oriented Deployment Automation for Cloud Applications
  19. IEEE Transaction On Knowledge And Data Engineering

  20. Privacy-Preserving Outsourced Association Rule Mining on Vertically Partitioned Databases
  21. A Novel Recommendation Model Regularized with User Trust and Item Ratings
  22. Analytic Queries over Geospatial Time-Series Data using Distributed Hash Tables
  23. Interactive Visualization of Large Data Sets
  24. Mining Health Examination Records - A Graph-based Approach
  25. Personalized Influential Topic Search via Social Network Summarization
  26. Private Over-threshold Aggregation Protocols over Distributed Datasets
  27. Resolving Multi-party Privacy Conflicts in Social Media
  28. PRIGUARD: A Semantic Approach to Detect Privacy Violations in Online Social Networks
  29. Secure Data Deduplication with Dynamic Ownership Management in Cloud Storage
  30. Improving Collaborative Recommendation via User-Item Subgroups
  31. On Learning of Choice Models with Interactive Attributes
  32. IEEE Transaction On Image Processing

  33. Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition with Atlas Construction and Sparse Representation
  34. Face Recognition with Pose Variations and Misalignment via Orthogonal Procrustes Regression
  35. Multichannel Decoded Local Binary Patterns for Content-Based Image Retrieval
  36. Adaptive Pairing Reversible Watermarking
  37. Unsupervised Visual Hashing with Semantic Assistant for Content-based Image Retrieval
  38. Lossless Compression of JPEG Coded Photo Collections
  39. IEEE Transaction On Information Forensics And Security

  40. Attribute-Based Data Sharing Scheme Revisited in Cloud Computing
  41. On the Efficiency of Revocation in RSA-Based Anonymous Systems
  42. Group Secret Key Generation in Wireless Networks: Algorithms and Rate Optimization
  43. An Efficient File Hierarchy Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme in Cloud Computing
  44. An Efficient Privacy-Preserving Outsourced Calculation Toolkits with Multiple Keys
  45. Identity-Based Proxy-Oriented Data Uploading and Remote Data Integrity Checking in Public Cloud
  46. Cryptographic Hierarchical Access Control for Dynamic Structures
  47. Security Analysis and Improvements on Two Homomorphic Authentication Schemes for Network Coding
  48. Reversible Data Hiding: Advances in the Past Two Decades
  49. Enabling Cloud Storage Auditing with Verifiable Outsourcing of Key Updates
  50. Steganalysis Features for Content-Adaptive JPEG Steganography
  51. IEEE Transaction On Mobile Computing

  52. Cooperation via Spectrum Sharing for Physical Layer Security in Device-to-Device Communications Under laying Cellular Networks
  53. A Downlink Scheduler for Multicasting Wireless Video-on-Demand
  54. A Novel Graph-based Descriptor for the Detection of Billing-related Anomalies in Cellular Mobile Network
  55. IEEE Transaction On Multimedia

  56. Coping with Heterogeneous Video Contributors and Viewers in Crowd sourced Live Streaming: A Cloud-Based Approach
  57. Adaptive Pairing Reversible Watermarking
  58. Improved Exact Histogram Specification Based on the Human Visual System
  59. Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation Optimization for Multimedia Heterogeneous Cloud Radio Access Networks
  60. Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images by Reversible Image Transformation
  61. Game Theoretic Resource Allocation in Media Cloud with Mobile Social Users
  62. IEEE Transaction On Service Computing

  63. Knowledge-Based Resource Allocation for Collaborative Simulation Development in a Multi-tenant Cloud Computing Environment
  64. Full Solution Indexing for top-K Web Service Composition
  65. KSF-OABE: Outsourced Attribute-Based Encryption with Keyword Search Function for Cloud Storage
  66. Multi-Dimensional QoS Prediction for Service Recommendations
  67. A Survey of Proxy Re-Encryption for Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Computing
  68. Flexible and Fine-Grained Attribute-Based Data Storage in Cloud Computing
  69. A Context-Aware Architecture Supporting Service Availability in Mobile Cloud Computing
  70. SecRBAC: Secure data in the Clouds
  71. IEEE Transaction On Networking

  72. An Optimization Framework for Mobile Data Collection in Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks
  73. Efficient Tracking Area Management Framework for 5G Networks
  74. Resource Allocation for a Massive MIMO Relay Aided Secure Communication
  75. Advanced Spectrum Sharing in 5g cognitive heterogeneous networks
  76. Network Diversity: A Security Metric for Evaluating the Resilience of Networks against Zero-Day Attacks
  77. Energy-Aware and Bandwidth-Efficient Hybrid Video Streaming Over Mobile Networks
  78. IEEE Transaction On Dependable And Secure Computing

  79. Dynamic Frequency Resource Allocation in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
  80. Minimum Dependencies Energy-Efficient Scheduling in Data Centers
  81. Cryptanalysis of a Privacy-Preserving Aggregation Protocol
  82. Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Outsourced Calculation of Rational Numbers
  83. Rumor Source Identification in Social Networks with Time-varying Topology
  84. IEEE Transaction On Web Mining

  85. Mining User-Aware Rare Sequential Topic Patterns in Document Streams
  86. Understand Short Texts by Harvesting and Analyzing Semantic Knowledge
  87. Privacy-Preserving Location Sharing Services for Social Networks
  88. IEEE Transaction On Big Data

  89. Deduplication on Encrypted Big Data in Cloud
  90. Service Rating Prediction by Exploring Social Mobile Users' Geographical Locations
  91. Mining Suspicious Tax Evasion Groups in Big Data
  92. Application And Database

  93. Student Attendance Management
  94. Discovery of Ranking fraud detection
  95. Seaway reservation system
  96. Security Guard management system
  97. Skills uploading for OSN
  98. Sports Event management system
  99. Software Project Organizationli>
  100. Auction on Assets
  101. Hotel Management System
  102. E-Health card
  103. Social Security Number
  104. Online Deposit
  105. Pub Maintenance System
  106. Fin Corp -Cash Controller
  107. Image Processing Lab
  108. Team Work
  109. Online Resume Mart
  110. Credit Card Fraud Detection
  111. Advertising Agencies
  112. Tourism Development Portal
  113. Distributed Knowledge Management System
  114. Complaint Monitoring System without Organization
  115. Travel Management System
  116. File Protector
  117. Air Reservation System
  118. Cyber Job Search
  119. Online Web Based Examination
  120. Text 2 Text Steganography
  121. Orders Transportation Scheme
  122. Data Hiding additional files in a ZIP archive
  123. Source 4 Talent
  124. Reality Shows
  125. Inventory Administration Scheme
  126. Consulting Org
  127. Peripheral Quotation Generator
  128. Defect Tracking System
  129. Online Shopping Cart)
  130. Franchisee Management System
  131. Greyhound Fleet Manager
  132. Online Sales And Inventory Management System
  133. Online Art Gallery
  134. Online Community Portal
  135. Customer Query Track
  136. Revenue Appraisal System
  137. Tax completed
  138. Bandwidth Economizer
  139. Web Based Recruitment System
  140. XML Query System
  141. Electronic Cash Controller
  142. Event Management System
  143. Social Welfare Systems
  144. Enterprise Resource Information System
  145. Satellite Information System
  146. Trans Service Net Ticket Booking
  147. Prison House Management System
  148. E-Former
  149. E-Post Office
  150. Central Administration
  151. E-Kiosk
  152. Mediclaim processing
  153. Courier Service Automation System
  154. Automated Quality Controller
  155. Web Server Log Analyzer
  156. Symptomatic Labs
  157. Smart Knowledge Provider
  158. Blood Chamber Services
  159. Say No To Addict
  160. A System for Facial Emotion Detection
  161. Authentication Using PERSUASIVE CLICK POINTS
  162. E-Funds Management System
  163. Interaction with ATM for blind
  164. Satellite photographs resolving a sharpening system
  165. Secure Data Outsourcing for Healthcare Systems
  166. Secure data transmission using video Steganography
  167. XML Database Migration in Multiple Database Servers
  168. Cosmetic Inventory Management System

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