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IEEE Based 2016 - 2017 Embedded Projects

S.NO What Category? Which Projects?
1 Automotive 2,10,20,25,33,35,37,42,43,46,49,50,52,55,60
2 Audio & Speech Processing 1,3,4,5,6,16,19,23,29,30
3 Android & Bluetooth 1,2,4,12,14,15,19,21,26,27,28,30,31
4 Automation & Process Control 22,36,56
5 Access Management 3,11,24
6 Assistive Technology 3,4,12,15,19,21,27,30,32
7 Consumer Electronics 1,5,9,12,17,19,23,24,28,31,39
8 Communication & Telecom 18,22,34,49,55,56,61
9 Sensor Processing & Instrumentation 4,7,9,12,14,15,17,19,26,27,29,31,58,59,68
10 E-Learning & Education 6,11,16,58,59
11 Embedded Vision & Digital Image Processing 1,2,7,8,13,14,18,20,23,25,29,30
12 E-Government 3,18,24,28,53,70
13 Home Appliances 12,36
14 Industrial 8,26,29
15 IoT & Embedded Internet 3,7,6,9,11,14,16,17,21,23,25,26,29,31
16 Medical & Healthcare 4,7,12,19,21,27,38,39,41,54,64
17 Multimedia 1,4,5,6,16
18 RTOS 2,3,7,6,7,14,16,23,25,29,38
19 Robotics 2,8,10,12,13,25,32,33,47,57,62
20 Military & Defense 13,48,51,66
21 Security & Safety 1,3,5,9,11,13,18,20,21,23,26,27,30,35,46,68,69
22 Transportation 2,63,67
23 Wearable Technology 1,4,15,21,27
24 Wireless Network (IEEE 802.15.4) 10,37,40-45,47,48,52,54,57,62,64,65, 68-70
25 CAN 45,60
26 USB 1,4,5,6,24
27 Ethernet 3,7,6,14,16,23,25,29
28 Wi-Fi 9,11,17,21,26,31
29 BLE 15
30 NFC 5,22,24,27,28
31 E-Paper Display 27,28
32 Embedded Linux 11
(From Projects 71 to 98)
S.NO What Category? Which Projects?
1 Wireless Communication 71-78,90,93,97
2 Automation 82-88,91,94,95,98
3 Access Management 79,80
4 Assistive Technology 83,89,96
5 Defense 81,82
6 Consumer Electronics 92
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    Embedded System

  1. Body-CAM: Wearable Smart Video Camera Safety Device for Domestic Violence Reduction that features Event Capture to Onboard Memory, Audio Recording, Gesture Trigger, Panic Alert, Sound Alarm, Life Logging, Surveillance Camera, GPS Tracking, Virtual Fencing, Tamper Protection, Smartphone Connectivity and USB Mass Storage
  2. Vision-DRIVE: Vision based Self Driving Robotic Car that doesLane Tracking, Obstacle Detection, Traffic Signal Recognition, Driverless Parking, Reverse Pedestrian Detection, Theft Prevention and has Smartphone Connectivity ? A Robotic Implementation
  3. Split-BALLOT: Internet Connected Biometric Voting Machine with Split Architecture Concept for Improved Polling Rate of Indian Election System constructed with Embedded Web Server, Fingerprint Verification and Visually Impaired Support
  4. Hear-CLEAR: Advanced Digital Earplug Implant Device that aids Hearing Impaired with Bone Conduction Transducer, Ambient Noise Filter, Audio Amplification, Transparent Audio, Embedded Music Player, Touch Control, Music File Transfer over USB, Heart Rate Monitoring, Activity Tracking, Android Support and SMS Alert via Bluetooth
  5. One-KEY: Multipurpose Biometric Smart Keyfob Device acting as Secured Password Vault, NFC Keyless Entry System, USB Mass Storage Peripheral and iPod like Digital Audio Player built with Multi User Support, Joystick Interface and OLED Graphics HMI
  6. Nano-LIBRARY: Smart Classroom e-Library Device for Content Sharing among Students and Professors that has Remote File Server over TCP-IP, Secure USB Flash Drive Access, Lecturer Speech Recording and Advanced 4.3? Touchscreen GUI
  7. IoT-CLINIC: Internet based Patient Monitoring and Diagnosis System for Improving Quality of Care in Rural Clinics and Hospitals by streaming Live Video Feed along with Vital Health Sensor Data such as ECG, Blood Pressure, Pulserate, Respiration, Body Temperature and Orientation
  8. Vision-MATIC: Vision based Object Sorting Robotic Hand for Industrial and Retail Applications using Embedded Machine Vision Algorithm and Advanced ARM Movement Mechanism
  9. Hazard-SENSE: Cloud Connected Smart Gas Cylinder Platform that has LPG Gas Leakage Detection, Fire Sensing, E-Mail Alert, Gas Weight Sensing, Lower Quantity Detection and On-Demand Automatic Re-ordering Facility ? a Wi-Fi based IoT Application
  10. Eco-TRUCKS: Co-operative Autonomous Truck Platooning System based on Vehicle-2-Vehicle Communication over WSN for Smart and Safe Highways Leading to Less Pollution and Less Congestion ? A Multi Robot Implementation
  11. Rapid-CLASS: Smart and Swift Biometric Class Attendance Device using Wi-Fi aiming to reduce the Time Loss with the Existing Manual System by running Embedded Linux based Web Server to enable Data Collection over Internet
  12. Gyro-LIFT: Gyro Stabilized Smart Handle for People with Hand Tremor that helps them to Eat Food without Spilling and Lift Everyday Objects and Utensils Comfortably
  13. Missile-TROY: Anti-Missile Defence System that can Automatically Track and Shoot Enemy Missiles using Camera based Embedded Vision Sensor and Pan-Tilt Servo Mechanism
  14. Street-SAT: Internet connected Street Satellite System with Embedded Web Server and IP Surveillance Camera that provide Visitor Guidance, Weather Monitoring and Business Advertisement Services
  15. Gesture-XPLAIN: BLE enabled Wearable Sign Language Translator for Deaf and Dumb using Hand Gesture Recognition Technology
  16. UDP-Speaker: Smart Mass Notification System for Schools, Colleges, Malls and Large Campuses based on Audio Streaming over IP and Digital Message Display Board
  17. Cloud-2-CLOUD: Internet Connected Weather and Security Station with upto 5 day Weather Forecasting Capability based on Wi-Fi
  18. EYE-on-SKY: Unattended Baggage Detection and Alert System for Public Places using Camera Vision based Digital Surveillance Technology integrated with Cellular Connectivity
  19. Cortex-BRUSH: Next Generation Smart Tooth Brushing System with Advanced Motion Recognition, Gait Analysis, Gaming UI for Kids, Auto Mode for Disabled, Music Playback, Schedule Reminder, Duration Warning, Multi-User Profile, Bluetooth Connectivity and Data Storage for Dentist
  20. Right-GAZE: Driver Distraction Monitoring and Alert System using Head Gaze Analysis based on Real-Time Embedded Vision Processing
  21. Pregnant-CARE: Wearable Healthcare Device for Pregnant Woman that enables Vital Signal Monitoring over Internet and Provides Abnormal Event Alert via E-mail using Wi-Fi and Cloud Connectivity ? an IoT Application
  22. NFC-Station: NFC based Intelligent Petrol Bunk Payment and Control System with Card Transaction and Recharge, Fuel Supply Valve Control and Instant Balance SMS Delivery
  23. Baby-CONNECT: Internet Connected Baby Monitoring System with Live MJPEG Video Streaming, Night Vision Mode, Sound and Motion Detection, Temperature Alert, Lullaby Playback, Password Protection and Local Monitoring without Internet? an RTOS Implementation
  24. Byte-COIN: Secured Small Change Handling System ? A Digital Innovation to eliminate Coin Shortage Problems in India based on NFC Read-Write, Encrypted Data Transfer, SMS Feedback, USB Connectivity, Retailer and Customer POV Dual Screen Display
  25. Car-SPINE: Advanced Diagnostics Gateway Device using Ethernet in the Vehicle with Video Feedback over Internet to carry out Testing, Service and Maintenance tasks from a Remote Location anywhere in the world ? an RTOS Implementation
  26. Disaster-LINK: Disaster Detection and Early Warning Device providing Voice, E-mail and SMS alerts during Flood, Earthquake, Fire, Tsunami, and Landslide disasters by connecting to an IoT Cloud Platform over Internet using Wi-Fi
  27. Elder-GUARD: Wearable Safety Wristband Device for Elderly Health Monitoring with Fall Detect and Heart Attack Alarm, Always-On E-Paper Display, Smart NFC Medication, GPS Location Tracking, Smartphone Connectivity, Time-Date-SMS Notifications, Device Missing Alert, Cap-Touch Interface, Distress Alarm Button and Audible Beep Signal
  28. One-WALLET: All-in-One Electronic Digital Transaction Card Replacing the Present Multi Card Scenario based on NFC, E-Paper Display, Bluetooth and Cap Touch Sense
  29. Open-MINE: Web Connected Mine Safety Monitoring System with IP based Video Streaming, Night Vision, Heat, Pressure, Vibration and Gas Alert, Accident Help Request and Voice Announcement Support?an RTOS Implementation
  30. Student-GLASS: Vision Capable Smart Glass with Voice Recognition Facility to help Visually Impaired People that Identifies and tells them about Obstacles, Traffic Signals, People and Vehicle Movement, Currency Value, Objects, Alphabets, Numbers and also acts as Personal Security Camera and Music Player ? An Embedded Vision Processing Solution
  31. Watts-MAP: Cloud Connected Smart Switch Board that reduces Energy Wastage with advanced features such as Worldwide Remote Control, Energy Monitoring, Appliance Usage Tracking, Power Scheduling, State Remembrance, No-Load Shutdown, Dumb Mode, Occupancy Detection, Intruder Warning, Intuitive Cap-Touch Buttons and a Mobile Device Interface
  32. Intel DOG: Voice Recognition Robotic Dog Guides Visually Impaired People, Follows Master, Acts as Watchdog, Plays MP3 Music, Finds Sun Light and Charges itself, Respond to e-Skin Touch, Wake up Alarm, and Informs about Time-Date-Light-Temperature
  33. RTOS-Car: Automatic Park and Retrieve Assist System with Remote Start, Remote Drive, Remote Alert and Remote Door Control Technology based on RTOS and Android Smartphone
  34. Real-SAT: A Remote Sensing Nano-Satellite running Hard Real Time Control and Communication System Sending Camera Images to Ground Control Station and Over-the-Air Upgrade
  35. X-Logger: Next Generation Vehicular Black Box Device integrated with Airbag Control System those records Audio and Visual Footage of the Crash Scenario in addition to Vital Vehicle Parameters
  36. E-Gateway: Smart and Secure Electronic Housekeeper System with Multi-Way Control and Monitoring Facility using Android, GSM Phone and PC/Laptop
  37. Road-link: Car-2-X Communication System integrating Vehicles and Road Traffic Unit for Intelligent Transport System of Future
  38. Mutex-Heart: Fail Safe Dual Chamber Cardiac Pacemaker Device with Rate Responsive Control and Cryptographic Security ? an RTOS Implementation
  39. XTRA-Sense: Handheld Deaf and Dumb Communication Device based on Gesture to Voice and Speech to Image Translation with SMS Sending and Language Teaching Ability
  40. Campus-GUI: Smart Visitor Guidance Robot with Embedded Touch screen Panel featuring Onscreen Signature Verification, Campus Map Rendering and Multi-Lingual Voice
  41. Smart-Shoes: Foot Neuropathy Analyzer and Blood Flow Stimulator embedded in Smart Motion Sensing Shoes designed for Diabetic Patients
  42. Super-Lock: Next Generation Auto Theft Prevention System using Smart Gravitational Lock, Cryptographic Keyless Entry, Touch screen Ignition, Ubiquitous Vehicle Tracking, GPS Fencing and Remote Fuel Cut-off
  43. Intel-Skull: Augmented Reality Helmet for Road Hazard Warning, Wireless Bike Authentication and Traffic Adaptive MP3 Playback
  44. GPS-Fence: Virtual Security Zones for Student Tracking and Elderly Fall Alert based on GPS Watch and Skin Pressure Sensitive Lock
  45. Hybrid-Farm: Microclimate Data Acquisition and Precision Irrigation Control based on Hybrid Wired/Wireless Networking Infrastructure
  46. Care-Pilot: Advanced Driver Safety Awareness and Assistance System for Cognitive Vehicle Control
  47. Robo-Graph: Autonomous Building Map Exploration Robot for First-Responder and Military Operations
  48. 3D-Tracker: GPS less 3D Inertial Navigation System for Multi-Floor Indoor Positioning during Urban Combat Operations
  49. E-Call: eCall Automotive Telematics Unit and Google Maps Navigation Guidance Device for Faster Emergency Response Times
  50. Relief-Pilot: Real-Time Location based Adaptive Speed Control System involving Driver Health and Head Distraction Analysis
  51. Micro-Dust: Smart dust Network for Border Surveillance System to Detect, Classify and Track Enemy Intrusion using Acoustic-Magnetic-Thermal-Vibration Signatures
  52. Drive-by-Wireless: System for Vehicle Control using Steering-Brake-Throttle Sensors and Servo Actuator Wheels
  53. TFT-Ballot: Fingerprint based Secured Smart Touch screen Voting Machine with Voice Assistance for Visually Impaired and Elderly
  54. HyGeneNet: Intelligent Hand Hygiene Recording and Reminding System to Prevent Hospital Acquired Infections
  55. Driverless Car: Driverless Intelligent Vehicle for Future Public Transport: GPS Guided Autopilot Robotic Implementation
  56. GPS Collar: Smart GPS Collars for Wild Elephant Herd Movement Control across Virtual Forest Fence using Sound Stimulus and Micro Vibrators
  57. Map-Builder: Autonomous Building Map Exploration Robot for First-Responder and Military Operations
  58. Student-Scope: Handheld All-in-One Electronics Lab Assistant Device with USB Connectivity for Engineering Students (Digital Signal Oscilloscope, Waveform Storage and Playback, Frequency Generator, Logic Analyzer, Voltmeter, Ammeter, Ohmmeter, Tachometer, Audiometer, Motion, Light, Temperature )
  59. Tricorder: Smart Tricorder Device for Real World Scientific Exploration aimed to Trigger Intellectual Curiosity in Children and Younger Generation
  60. Motorbike-ESC: Active Stability Control with ABS and Crash Location Sensing without GPS for E-Bicycles
  61. GPS-Patrol: Deep Sea Fishermen Patrol System for Coastal Intruder Positioning and Inshore Fishery Control
  62. Robo-Parker: Autonomous Self -Parking and Self Retrieving Vehicle based on GPS Less Keyfob Position Tracking
  63. GPS-Transport: Automated Public-Transport Fare Collection System based on Distance Travelled by Passenger and Rechargeable 2.4 GHz Contactless Smartcard
  64. Pocket-HOLTER: E-Cardiac Analyzer Device with Multitouch Zoom, Record-Playback, SMS Alert and Bluetooth Connectivity
  65. GPS Less Aircraft Collision Avoidance System with Advanced Graphical Air-Traffic Display
  66. Smart Dust Network System for Monitoring and Tracking Enemy Intrusion using Camera-Acoustic-Magnetic-Thermal- Vibration Signatures
  67. Rural and Suburban Public Transport Scheduling System
  68. Soil Area Network for Landslide Prediction and Prevention System
  69. Riverside Network for Early Flood Warning System
  70. Radio Frequency Grid based Electronic Voting Machine Theft Prevention System
  71. Child Tracker: Presence and Activity Monitoring System for Child Protection
  72. Hydrosense: Smart System for Remote Water Quality Monitoring
  73. Cost Optimized Solar Powered Solid Waste Collection System for Smart Cities
  74. Remote Tunnel and Train Monitoring System for Railway Industry
  75. Networked Pollution Monitoring System to Create Eco-Friendly Environment
  76. Energy Efficient Intelligent Street Lighting using Traffic and Ambient Lighting
  77. Fault Analysis and Reporting System of Remote Industrial Machines and Processes
  78. Multi-Channel Programmable Industrial Data Acquisition and Processing System
  79. Highly Secured Multiple Random Fingerprint Password Electronic Accessing System
  80. Secure Electronic Lock with User and OTP Verification for Valuable Items
  81. Defence Terrestrial Sensing Device for Soldiers (Weather, Enemy Intrusion, Nearby Troops and Time)
  82. Remote Soldier?s Health and Location Tracking System
  83. Wearable Audio Feedback Assistive Device for Blind
  84. Smart Anti-Sleep Alarming Device for Good Study, Safe Drive and to Work Better
  85. Auto Following Shopping Basket with Product Location Guidance and Bill Estimation
  86. GPS Enabled Location Announcement and Display System for City Buses
  87. Automatic Toll E-Ticketing and Vehicle Surveying System
  88. Smarter's New Kitchen Gadget Include the Food-Photographing Fridge Cam
  89. Passenger Bus Alert System for Easy Navigation of Blind People
  90. Radio Frequency Grid Based Official Document Theft Prevention System
  91. Wireless Power Transmission Technology for Household Appliances in Smart Homes
  92. Sensor Wake Smell Based Alarm Clock
  93. Electronic Duster using Bluetooth Communication for Schools and Colleges
  94. Motion Controlled Password Recognition System using MEMS Accelerometer
  95. Mindless Housekeeping Robot with Sprayer, Floor Wiper, Auto & Manual Control
  96. Sound Feedback System to Detect Potholes and Uneven Surfaces For Assisting Blind People
  97. Wireless Sensor Network based Safe Public Transport System with Alcohol Detection, Mobile Base Band Sensor and List of Seat Occupancy Display
  98. Easy Crossing Mobile Bridge to Connect Railway Platforms for Disabled and Others
  99. Image Processing + Embedded System

  100. Automatic Car Garage Door Opening System using License Plate Recognition
  101. Car Parking Management System using License Plate Recognition
  102. Voting Machine with Voter Identification using Fingerprint Image Processing
  103. Card Less ATM using Mobile Number and Finger Print Verification
  104. Automotive Theft Prevention System using Veins Recognition
  105. Bank Locker Security System using Multi?Biometrics Fusion
  106. Voice Feedback Blind Assistive Device using Object Recognition
  107. Automated Home using Hand Gesture Recognition
  108. Vending Machine with Fake Currency Identification
  109. Access Control System using Face Recognition with Face Spoof Detection

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