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    1. ARM Cortex-M3 (32 bit ARM Processor, Replaces ARM7, 16 and 32 bit MCU)
    2. o LPC1300 o LPC1700
    3. ARM Cortex-M0 (32 bit ARM Processor, Replaces 8 and 16 bit MCU)
    4. o LPC1100
    5. dsPIC33F, PIC24F, PIC18F


    1. Embedded C, FreeRTOS


    1. LPCXpresso, Keil, MPLAB IDE, CCS-PICC


    1. LPC-Link, J-Link, MPLAB ICD2, PICKit2, PICKit3

    Sensor Technology

    1. Digital MEMS Sensors (Compass, Accelerometer, Gyro, Magnetometer, Pressure, Microphone?)
    2. ECG Analog Front End, Heart Rate Sensors
    3. Color, Rotary Encoder, Light, Flow Sensors
    4. Soil Moisture, Humidity, Gas, Dust, Ultrasonic, IR Range Finder, PIR Sensors
    5. Angle, Vibration, Force, Load Cell, Thermocouple, Heat Sensors

    Display Technology

    1. QVGA TouchScreen TFT Color Graphics LCD (65K Color, 320 *240 Resolution)
    2. Graphics LCD (Monochrome)
    3. Two Wire Character LCD

    User Interface Technology

    1. Touchscreen Interface
    2. o Single Touch, Dual Touch
    3. Capacitive Touch Sensing
    4. Touchless Sensing

    Embedded Network Protocol

    1. IEEE 802.15.4 (Stack in Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M0, PIC18F)
    2. CAN Protocol (Stack in Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M0, PIC18F)
    3. Embedded Ethernet (Stack in PIC18F)
    4. USB 2.0 (Stack in PIC24F)

    Memory Technology

    1. Micro-SD Memory Card
    2. FAT32-EFSL (Embedded File System Library)
    3. Serial EEPROM

    IC Communication

    1. I2C, SPI, UART, 1-Wire

    Satellite Communication

    1. GPS using NMEA Protocol

    Mobile Communication

    1. GSM

    Audio Technology

    1. MP3 Audio Decoder
    2. ADPCM, G.726, G.711

    Control Algorithm

    1. Fuzzy Logic, PID


    1. Four Wheel Robot
    2. Pick and Place Robot

    Motor Control Technology

    1. Space Vector Modulation
    2. Sensorless Field Oriented Control

About Us

Vee Eee Academic is an institution of higher learning with a mission that incorporates teaching, research, creative activity and service. Vee Eee Academic has state-of-the-art facilities for Embedded systems, Digital signal processing, high-end VLSI, JAVA, .NET, Programmable Logic and system design training.