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IEEE Based 2016 - 2017 Mechanical Engineering Projects

S.NO List Of Domains Index
1 Pneumatics 1-17
2 Hydraulics 18-26
3 Automation 27-38
4 Energy 38-44
5 Machining 45-68
6 Automobile 69-84
7 Composite 85-94
8 Thermal 95-106
9 Design and analysis 107-166
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  1. Pneumatic Four (Or) Six Axis Material Handling Robot
  2. Fabrication of Pneumatic Forging Machine
  3. Fabrication of Pneumatic Pick and Place Robot
  4. Fabrication of Pneumatic Operated Hacksaw
  5. Fabrication of Pneumatic Fork Lift
  6. Fabrication of Pneumatic Vice
  7. Fabrication of Automatic Pneumatic Stamping Machine
  8. Fabrication of Automatic Pneumatic Hammer
  9. Fabrication of Pneumatic movable table
  10. Fabrication of Pneumatic Punching Machine
  11. Design and Fabrication of Pneumatic Bending Machine
  12. Fabrication of Pneumatic crane
  13. Fabrication of Pneumatic injection moulding machine
  14. Fabrication of Pneumatic water pump
  15. Fabrication of Pneumatic door opening and closing
  16. Fabrication of Pneumatic Vulcanizing Machine
  17. Pneumatic Double Side Cutting Time Reducing In Shaper
  18. Hydraulics

  19. Fabrication of Hydraulic Injection Moulding
  20. Fabrication of Hydraulic scissor jack
  21. Fabrication of Hydraulic lifting table
  22. Fabrication of Hydraulic crane
  23. Fabrication of Hydraulic cylinder liner puller
  24. Fabrication of Hydraulic power press
  25. Fabrication of Hydraulic jack
  26. Fabrication of Hydraulic pallet truck
  27. Fabrication of Hydraulic grease gun
  28. Automation

  29. Automatic Scrap Collecting and Disposing Machine
  30. Automatic Head Light Alignment System
  31. Fabrication Automatic Movable Vacuum Cleaner
  32. Automatic Vehicle Speed Measuring Using Ir Rays
  33. Design And Fabrication of automatic lubrication system
  34. Automatic solar street light controller
  35. Automatic electromagnetic clutch
  36. Fabrication of AVG
  37. Fabrication of Hovercraft
  38. Fabrication of Breath Alcohol Detector in Two Wheeler
  39. Highways High Speed Sensing and Automatic Speed Braking System
  40. Fabrication of Lift Control Using Micro Controller
  41. Energy

  42. Fabrication of Modern Windmill
  43. Fabrication of Tower Windmill
  44. Fabrication of Vertical Axis Windmill
  45. Fabrication of Solar Ro Purifier
  46. Fabrication of dam hydro power plant
  47. Fabrication of hydro power plant for home
  48. Machining

  49. Fabrication of Motorized Crane
  50. Fabrication of Escalator
  51. Double Acting Hack Saw Machine
  52. Hand Operated Adjustable Multi-Nut & Bolt Remover and Tightener
  53. Multi Blade Motorized Cutting Machine
  54. Fabrication of Robot Arm
  55. Square Drilling Machine
  56. Fabrication of Multipurpose Mechanical Machine
  57. Fabrication of Square Hole Drilling Machine
  58. Magnetic Powered Reciprocating Engine
  59. Rotary Transfer Machine
  60. Semi-Automatic Multi Arc Welding
  61. Fabrication of Plastic Injection Moulding
  62. Fabrication of Voice Recognition Elevator
  63. Power Generation from An Exhaust Heat Recovery System
  64. Loaded Vehicles Runs In Recycling System
  65. Button Operated Electro x96 Magnetic Gear shifting System for Two-wheeler
  66. Design and Fabrication of Portable Slotting Machine
  67. Design and Fabrication Scissor Table
  68. Fabrication of Pedal Operated Washbasin
  69. Fabrication of Electronic Vice
  70. Design and Fabrication of Hand Operated Tin Can Crusher
  71. Fabrication of Spot Welding Machine
  72. Fabrication of Mini Welding Machine
  73. Automobile

  74. Exhaust Gas Recirculation System (Egr) For Two Wheeler
  75. Fabrication of Turbo Charged Two Wheeler
  76. Fabrication of Desert Car
  77. Fabrication of Turbo Charger for Two Wheeler
  78. Fabrication of AVG
  79. Fabrication of Four Wheel Steering
  80. Increasing Two Wheeler Efficiency By Water
  81. Fabrication of Alcohol Detector in Two Wheeler
  82. Fabrication of Pollution Reduced Silencer
  83. Fabrication of Solar Power E-Bike
  84. Emission Reduce For Diesel Engine
  85. Design and Fabrication Hydrogen Fuel Cell for Two Wheeler
  86. Fabrication of Fuel Pre Heated Engine by Exhaust Gas
  87. Fabrication of Emission Controller
  88. Fabrication of automatic rain operated wiper
  89. Automatic electromagnetic clutch
  90. Composite

  91. Fabrication of Coir Fiber Turbine Blade
  92. Fabrication of Coir Fiber Side Stand For Two Wheeler
  93. Fabrication of Hair Composite Brake Pad
  94. Fabrication of Coir Fiber Brake pad
  95. Fabrication of E Glass brake pad
  96. Fabrication of E Glass Composite Fan Blades
  97. Fabrication of Coir Composite Engine Shaft
  98. Fabrication of Coconut Coir Fiber Tidal Turbine Blade
  99. Fabrication of Coconut Fiber Composite
  100. Fabrication of coconut fiber Turbine Blade
  101. Thermal

  102. Fabrication of Transformer Heat Reduction System
  103. Temperature Controller with Cooling System
  104. Fabrication of Mini Water Heater
  105. Fabrication of Water Heater by Using Parabolic Collector
  106. Fabrication of Impulse Turbine
  107. Fabrication Solar Power Air cooler System
  108. Fabrication of Bottle Cooler
  109. Fabrication of Refrigeration System (Trainer)
  110. Solar Air Cooler with Auto Tracking
  111. Solar Automobile Air Conditioner
  112. Fabrication of Air Conditioner
  113. Fabrication of Mini Fridge
  114. Design And Analysis

  115. CFD Analysis of Gas Flow Behavior In An Economizer Duct
  116. Thermal Analysis Of Sheet metal During Ultrasonic Welding
  117. CFD Analysis Of Economizer In A Tangential Fired Boiler
  118. Design And Analysis Of Fins Of Compressor
  119. Stress Analysis On A Gear While Transmission
  120. Thermal Analysis Of Heat Pipes And Its Application
  121. Aerodynamic Design For Cars
  122. Design And Analysis Of Fins With Various Configuration
  123. Fatigue Analysis Of Composite Rod
  124. Design And Analysis Of Automobile Disc Brake
  125. Design And Model Analysis Of Composite Drive Shaft For Automobile Application
  126. Experimental Evaluation And Finite Element Analysis Of Composite Leaf Spring For Automatic Vehicle
  127. Finite Element Analysis Of Bus Body Structure
  128. Design And Analysis Of Domestic Wind Mill Blades
  129. Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle
  130. Analysis Of Active Noise Control On Load Vehicle
  131. Thermal analysis of engine shaft
  132. Design And Analysis Of Mechanical Deformation In Connecting Rod
  133. Design And Analysis Of Flywheel
  134. Design And Analysis Of Motor Cycle Wheel With Spokes
  135. Design And Analysis Of Composite Flange Coupling
  136. Design And Analysis Of Composite Bumper
  137. Structural Analysis And Shape Optimization In Leaf Spring Used 16 Trucks
  138. Capsule With Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Deceleration
  139. Design And Analysis Of Bevel Gear
  140. Design And Analysis Of Engine Valve
  141. Design And Analysis Of Industrial Spring
  142. Design And Analysis Of Cylinder Head
  143. Design And Analysis Of Piston
  144. Design And Analysis Of Clutch Plate
  145. Design And Analysis Of Brake Drum
  146. Design And Analysis Of Brake Shoe
  147. Design And Analysis Of Vertical Windmill Blade
  148. Modelling & Structural Analysis Of Rear Axle Casing Of Tractor
  149. Design And Analysis Of Composite Spur Gear
  150. Design And Vibration Analysis Of Lorry Leaf Spring
  151. Modelling And Analysis Of A Motorcycle Wheel Rim
  152. Design And Analysis Of Coil Spring With Different Materials
  153. Thermal Analysis Of Composite Materials
  154. Design And Analysis Of Brake Pedal
  155. Design And Analysis Of Connecting Rod Using Aluminium Alloy
  156. Design And Analysis Of Rocker Arm Using Composite Material
  157. Design And Analysis Of Scissor Jack
  158. Design And Structural Analysis Of Flight Wings
  159. Design And Thermal Analysis Of Steam Turbine
  160. Design And Analysis Of Composite Piston
  161. Thermal Analysis Of Turbo Charger
  162. Thermal Analysis Of Steam Turbine
  163. Thermal Analysis Of Cylinder Head
  164. Thermal Analysis Of Welding Part
  165. CFD Analysis Of Economizer Duct
  166. CFD Analysis Rocket Nozzle
  167. CFD Analysis Wind Turbine
  168. CFD Analysis Of Automobile Radiator
  169. CFD Analysis Rc Aircraft Wing
  170. FEA Analysis Of Crankshaft
  171. FEA Analysis Of Pressure Vessels
  172. FEA Analysis Of Connecting Rod
  173. FEA Analysis Of Disk Brake
  174. FEA Analysis Of Cam Shaft

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