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    Soft Switching Buck Converter

  1. A DC-voltage Controlled Variable Capacitor for Stabilizing the ZVS Frequency of a Resonant Converter for Wireless Power Transfer
  2. A Quasi-Switched-Capacitor Resonant Converter
  3. Soft-Switching Two-Switch Resonant AC-DC Converter with High Power Factor
  4. Split-Phase Control: Achieving Complete Soft-Charging Operation of a Dickson Switched-Capacitor Converter
  5. A Secondary-Side Phase-Shift-Controlled Soft-Switching DC/DC Converter Utilizing Two Transformers with Wide Voltage Gain for High Step-Down Applications.
  6. A Multi-Input Bridgeless Resonant AC-DC Converter for Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting.
  7. A Non-Isolated Bidirectional Soft Switching Current fed LCL Resonant dc/dc Converter to Interface Energy Storage in DC Micro grid.
  8. A Novel Phase Control of Semi Bridgeless Active Rectifier for Wireless Power Transfer Applications.
  9. Design of AC-DC PFC High-Order Converters with Regulated Output Current for Low Power Applications.
  10. A Compact Coupled Inductor for Interleaved Multiphase DC-DC Converters
  11. A Family of Soft-Switching DC-DC Converters Based on Phase-Shift-Controlled Active Boost Rectifier.
  12. Modified Three-Phase Three-level DC/DC Converter with Zero-voltage-switching Characteristic-Adopting Asymmetrical Duty Cycle Control.
  13. Current-Fed Interleaved Phase-Modulated Single-Phase Unfolding Inverter: Analysis, Design, and Experimental Results.
  14. Phase shift Controlled Modular DC/DC Converter with Input Voltage Auto Balance Ability.
  15. >Soft Switching Boost Converter

  16. Zero-voltage zero-current switching DC/DC converter with high step-up and high efficiency
  17. A Modified Dual Active Bridge Converter With Hybrid Phase-Shift Control for Wide Input Voltage Range
  18. A Novel Phase-shift Dual Full-bridge Converter with Full Soft-switching Range and Wide Conversion Range
  19. A Sensitivity-Improved PFM LLC Resonant Full-Bridge DC-DC Converter with LC Anti-Resonant Circuitry
  20. Flying-Capacitor Based Hybrid LLC Converters with Input Voltage Auto-Balance Ability for High Voltage Applications
  21. Fundamental Duty Modulation of Dual-Active-Bridge Converter for Wide Range Operation
  22. Phase-Shift Controlled Isolated Buck-Boost Converter with Active-Clamped Three-Level Rectifier (AC-TLR) Featuring Soft-Switching within Wide Operation Range
  23. Steady State analysis of a ZVS Bidirectional isolated Three-phase DC-DC Converter using Dual Phase shift control with variable Duty cycle
  24. Robust and Highly Efficient Wide-Input Range Power Converter for Space Application.
  25. High Gain Zero Voltage Switching Bidirectional converter with reduced number of switches
  26. Boost Rectifier Providing DC Controlled Voltage Dedicated to AC Traction Auxiliary Supply Application.
  27. A Zero -Voltage-Transition Bidirectional DC/DC Converter-bidirectional.
  28. A High Step-Up Converter with Voltage-Multiplier Modules for Sustainable Energy Applications.
  29. Application of a New High Step-up Double-Input Converter in a Novel Module-Integrated-Inverter Photovoltaic System.
  30. Soft Switching Buck-Boost Converter

  31. Double-Deck Buck-Boost Converter with Soft Switching Operation
  32. Full-Range Soft-Switching Isolated Buck-Boost Converters With Integrated Interleaved Boost Converter and Phase-Shifted Control
  33. DC/DC Buck Power Converter as a Smooth Starter for a DC Motor Based on a Hierarchical Control.
  34. A Single-Stage LED Driver Based on Interleaved Buck-boost Circuit and LLC Resonant Converter.
  35. Sepic Converter

  36. A Power Quality Improved Bridgeless Converter Based Computer Power Supply
  37. Adaptive Maximum Power Point Tracking Control Algorithm for Wind Energy Conversion Systems
  38. An Alternative Approach to LED Driver Design Based on High-Voltage Driving
  39. Dimmable flicker-free power LEDs lighting system based on a SEPIC rectifier using a regenerative snubber
  40. Analysis of the Integrated SEPIC-Flyback Converter as a Single-Stage Single-Switch Power-Factor-Correction LED Driver
  41. Interleaved SEPIC Power Factor Pre-Regulator Using Coupled Inductors in Discontinuous Conduction Mode with Wide Output Voltage
  42. Single-stage Three-phase Differential-mode Buck-Boost Inverters with Continuous Input Current for PV Applications
  43. A Converter for Bipolar DC Link Based on SEPIC-Cuk Combination.
  44. Fuzzy Logic Controller Based SEPIC Converter for Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Application.
  45. Bridgeless SEPIC Converter with a Ripple-Free Input Current.
  46. Cuk Converter

  47. A Unity Power Factor Bridgeless Isolated-Cuk Converter Fed Brushless-DC Motor Drive
  48. PFC Cuk Converter Fed BLDC Motor
  49. Implementation of Bridgeless Cuk Power Factor Corrector with Positive Output Voltage
  50. Solar Powered Water Pumping System Employing a single phase Asynchronous motor control
  51. A Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy System: A New Rectifier Stage Topology
  52. Zeta Converter

  53. Power Factor Corrected Zeta Converter Based Improved Power Quality Switched Mode Power Supply.
  54. Compact On Board Single Phase EV Battery Charger with Novel Low Frequency Ripple Compensator and Optimum Filter Design
  55. Power Factor Corrected Welding Power Supply Using Modified Zeta Converter
  56. A New Center-Tapped Half-Bridge Zeta Converter With Small Transformer DC-Offset Current And Low Voltage Stress
  57. A Novel Wall-Switched Step-Dimming Concept in LED Lighting Systems using PFC Zeta Converter
  58. Integrated Asymmetrical Half-Bridge Zeta (AHBZ) Converter for DC/DC Stage of LED Driver with Wide Output Voltage Range and Low Output Current
  59. Bidirectional Converter

  60. A Bidirectional Three-level LLC Resonant Converter with PWAM Control
  61. A New Family of Zero-Voltage-Transition Non-Isolated Bidirectional Converters With Simple Auxiliary Circuit
  62. A Novel Soft-Switching Battery Charge/Discharge Converter with the Zero Voltage Discharge Function
  63. Analysis and Implementation of a Non-Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with High Voltage Gain
  64. Bidirectional Single Power-Conversion DC-AC Converter with Non-Complementary Active-Clamp Circuits
  65. DCM-based Zero-Voltage Switching Control of a Bidirectional DC-DC Converter With Variable Switching Frequency
  66. Fly back Mode for Improved Low-Power Efficiency in the Dual Active Bridge Converter for Bi-directional PV Micro-Inverters with Integrated Storage.
  67. A Single-Stage Three-Port Boost Converter with High Voltage Gain Based on the Bidirectional Version of the Three-State Switching Cell.
  68. Bidirectional Fly back Converter with Multiple Series Connected Outputs for High Voltage Capacitive Charge and Discharge Applications.
  69. Rectifier Topology

  70. Challenges Facing PFC of a Single-phase On-board Charger for Electric Vehicles based on a Current Source Active Rectifier Input Stage
  71. Five-Level Reduced-Switch-Count Boost PFC Rectifier with Multicarrier PWM
  72. Integrated Dual Full-Bridge converter with Current-Doubler Rectifier for EV charger
  73. A Novel Carrier-Based PWM Method for Vienna Rectifier with a Variable Power Factor
  74. Performance Analysis of Carrier-Based Discontinuous PWM Method for Vienna Rectifiers with Neutral-Point Voltage Balance
  75. Electric Vehicle

  76. Primary-Side Power Flow Control of Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicle Charging.
  77. A New Integration Method for an Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging System Using LCC Compensation Topology: Analysis and Design
  78. A Novel Step-up Multi-Input DC-DC Converter for Hybrid Electric Vehicles Application
  79. An Electric Vehicle IPMSM Drive with Interleaved Front-End DC/DC Converter
  80. Pulse-Width-Modulation-Based Electromagnetic Interference Mitigation of Bidirectional Grid-connected Converters for Electric Vehicles
  81. Three-Phase Bidirectional DC/DC Converter with Six Inverter Legs in Parallel for EV Applications
  82. Design and Analysis of a Dual Input DC-DC Converter for Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  83. Simplified Multi Level Inverter

  84. Multi-level Inverter Capable of Power Factor Control with DC Link Switches for single- phase AC Motor drive application
  85. A Family of Five-Level Dual-Buck Full-bridge Inverters for Grid-tied Applications
  86. A New Cascaded Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter Based on Improved Series-Parallel Conversion with Less Number of Components
  87. A Novel Nine-Level Inverter Employing One Voltage Source and Reduced Components as High Frequency AC Power Source
  88. A Single DC Source Cascaded Seven-Level Inverter Integrating Switched Capacitor Techniques
  89. An Enhanced Single Phase Step-Up Five-Level Inverter
  90. Design and Implementation of a Novel Multilevel DC-AC Inverter
  91. Design of a LCL Filter for Leakage Current Reduction in Transformer less PV Grid-connected Three-Level Inverter
  92. Power-weighting-based Multiple Input and Multiple Output Control Strategy for Single-phase PV Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Grid-connected Inverter
  93. A Solar Power Generation System with a Seven-Level Inverter
  94. Asymmetric Multilevel Hybrid Inverter with Reduced Number of Switches
  95. Modelling and Simulation of a Novel Multilevel Inverter for PV Systems using Unequal DC Sources.
  96. Optimal Low Switching Frequency Pulse width Modulation of Nine-Level Cascade Inverter
  97. Cascaded And Clamping Multilevel Inverter

  98. New Cost Effective Cascaded Twenty One Level Asymmetrical Inverter with reduced number of switches and DC sources
  99. Capacitor Voltage Balancing of a Five-Level ANPC Converter Using Phase-Shifted PWM
  100. Comparative Analysis of a 3-Phase, 3-Level Diode Clamped ZSI Based on Modified Shoot Through PWM Techniques
  101. Z Source Inverter

  102. Novel T-Z Source Inverter with High Voltage Gain and Reduced Transformer Turn Ratio
  103. A Modified Two Switched-Inductors Quasi Z-Source Inverter.
  104. Asymmetrical ? -Source Inverters
  105. Enhanced-Boost Z-Source Inverters with Switched Z-Impedance
  106. Switched-Coupled-Inductor Quasi-Z-Source Inverter
  107. Commutation Torque Ripple Reduction Strategy of Z-Source Inverter Fed Brushless DC Motor
  108. A Single-phase PV Quasi-Z-source Inverter with Reduced Capacitance using Modified Modulation and Double-Frequency Ripple Suppression Control
  109. BLDC Drive Control

  110. A Torque Ripple Compensation Technique for a Low Cost Brushless DC Motor Drive
  111. A Novel Inverter Topology for Brushless DC Motor Drive to Shorten Commutation Time
  112. Zero Voltage Vector Sampling Method for PMSM Three-Phase Current Reconstruction Using Single Current Sensor
  113. Fault-tolerant Inverter for High-speed Low-inductance BLDC Drives in Aerospace Applications
  114. Sensor less Direct Torque Control for Saliency Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motors
  115. Solar photovoltaic array fed water pump driven by brushless DC motor using Landsman converter
  116. A BL-CSC Converter Fed BLDC Motor Drive with Power Factor Correction.
  117. Fault Tolerant Control of Paralleled Voltage-Source Inverters Fed PMSM Drives.
  118. Single phase Active Power Filtering Method using Diode Rectifier Fed Motor Drive
  119. A vector based speed control of Brushless DC Motor using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) topology using MATLAB/Simulink
  120. Induction Drive Control

  121. Soft Start and Voltage Control of Induction Motors using Floating Capacitor H-bridge Converters
  122. A simple Space vector technique to Reduce Peak- to- Peak Torque Ripple in Induction Motor Drives using MATLAB/Simulink
  123. Simple Flux Regulation for Improving State Estimation at Very Low and Zero Speed of a Speed Sensor less Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor
  124. Field Weakening Strategy for Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive Near Six Step Mode of Operation
  125. An Embedded Closed-Loop Fault-Tolerant Control Scheme for Non redundant VSI-fed Induction Motor Drives
  126. A Performance Investigation of a Four-Switch Three-Phase Inverter-Fed IM Drives at Low Speeds Using Fuzzy Logic and PI Controllers
  127. A Novel Predictive Direct Torque Controller for Induction Motor Drives
  128. A Real-Time Multiple Open-Circuit Fault Diagnosis Method in Voltage-Source-Inverter Fed Vector Controlled Drives
  129. Implementation of a High-Efficiency, High-Lifetime, and Low-Cost Converter for an Autonomous Photovoltaic Water Pumping System
  130. Torque Ripple Minimization in Three Phase Induction Motor by Fuzzy Logic Controller Based DTC-SVM
  131. Generalized Two-Vector-Based Model-Predictive Torque Control of Induction Motor Drives.
  132. Power Micro Grid

  133. A Non-Isolated Bidirectional Soft-Switching Current-Fed LCL Resonant DC/DC Converter to Interface Energy Storage in DC Micro grid
  134. An Improved Control Method for Multiple Bidirectional Power Converters in Hybrid AC/DC Micro grid
  135. Naturally Clamped Snubber-less Soft-Switching Bidirectional Current-fed Three-Phase Push-Pull DC/DC Converter for DC Micro-grid Application
  136. Performance Recovery of Voltage Source Converters with Application to Grid-connected Fuel Cell DGs
  137. Control of Three-phase Bidirectional Current Source Converter to Inject Balanced Three-phase Currents under Unbalanced Grid Voltage Condition
  138. Reactive Power Management in Islanded Micro grid-Proportional Power Sharing in Hierarchical Droop Control.
  139. Control and Performance Analysis of a Single-Stage Utility-Scale Grid-Connected PV System.

  141. A Hybrid-STATCOM with Wide Compensation Range and Low DC-Link Voltage
  142. A Low Capacitance Cascaded H-Bridge Multi-Level STATCOM
  143. Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System Least Mean Square Based Control Algorithm for DSTATCOM
  144. Design of External Inductor for Improving Performance of Voltage Controlled DSTATCOM
  145. Operation and Control of an Improved Performance Interactive DSTATCOM
  146. A Voltage-Controlled DSTATCOM for Power-Quality Improvement
  147. Fact-UPQC

  148. Versatile Unified Power Quality Conditioner Applied to Three-Phase Four-Wire Distribution Systems Using a Dual Control Strategy
  149. Simultaneous Micro grid Voltage and Current Harmonics Compensation Using Coordinated Control of Dual-Interfacing-Converters
  150. Analysis and Control of M3C based UPQC for Power Quality Improvement in Medium/High Voltage Power Grid
  151. A Novel Ten-Switch Topology for Unified Power Quality Conditioner
  152. Mitigation of Power Quality Problems using Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC)
  153. Facts-DVR

  154. An Integrated Dynamic Voltage Restorer-Ultra capacitor Design for Improving Power Quality of the Distribution Grid
  155. Implementation and Control of Low Voltage Dynamic Voltage Restorer using Park's Transformation for Compensating Voltage Sag using MATLAB/Simulink
  156. Fact-UPFC

  157. Modulation and Control of Transformer-less UPFC.
  158. Application of Transformer-less UPFC for Interconnecting Two Synchronous AC Grids with Large Phase Difference
  159. Transformer-less Unified Power Flow Controller Using the Cascade Multilevel Inverter
  160. Facts-SVC

  161. Full-bridge Reactive Power Compensator with Minimized Equipped Capacitor and its Application to Static Var Compensator.
  162. Mitigation of Capacitor Bank Switching Transients by Using SVCs in Large Plants Instead of Capacitor bank and Circuit Breaker
  163. Facts-IDVR

  164. Comparing the Performance of IDVR for Mitigating Voltage Sag and Harmonics with VSI and CSI as Its Building Blocks.
  165. Improving the Performance of Cascaded H-bridge based Interline Dynamic Voltage Restorer
  166. Fact- IDCPFC-IPFC

  167. An Interline DC Power Flow Controller (IDCPFC) for Multi-terminal HVDC System.
  168. Application of an Interline Power Flow Controller (IPFC) as AGC
  169. Facts-SSSC

  170. Voltage Stability Improvement and Power Oscillation Damping using Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC) using MATLAB/Simulink
  171. Static Synchronous Series Compensator based on Z- Source Inverter
  172. Comparative Study of the Behavior of a Wind Farm Integrating Three Different FACTS Devices
  173. Fact-DPFC

  174. Control of Distributed Power Flow Controllers using active power from homo polar line currents.
  175. Performance of Distributed Power Flow Controller on System behaviour under Unbalance Fault Condition.
  176. Power Quality Improvement and Mitigation Case Study Using Distributed Power Flow Controller
  177. Photovoltaic System

  178. A High Efficiency Fly back Micro-inverter With a New Adaptive Snubber for Photovoltaic Applications
  179. BLDC Motor Driven Solar PV Array Fed Water Pumping System Employing Zeta Converter
  180. Design and Analysis of a High Efficiency DC-DC Converter with Soft Switching Capability for Renewable Energy Applications Requiring High Voltage Gain
  181. Secondary-Side-Regulated Soft-Switching Full-Bridge Three-Port Converter Based on Bridgeless Boost Rectifier and Bidirectional Converter For Multiple Energy Interface
  182. Hybrid Multicarrier Modulation to Reduce Leakage Current in Transformer-less Cascaded Multilevel Inverter for Photovoltaic Systems
  183. A Family of Zero-Current-Transition Transformer less Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Inverter.
  184. High-Frequency-Link Based Grid-tied PV System with Small DC-link Capacitor and Low-frequency Ripple-free Maximum Power Point Tracking.
  185. A New High Efficient Transformer less Inverter for Single Phase Grid-tied Photovoltaic System with Reactive Power Control.
  186. A Non-Isolated Three-Port DC-DC Converter and Three Domain Control Method for PV-Battery Power Systems.
  187. An Energy Stored Quasi-Z Source Cascade Multilevel Inverter Based Photovoltaic Power Generation System.
  188. Modelling and Control of a Three-Port DC-DC Converter for PV-Battery Systems.
  189. MPPT with Single DC-DC Converter and Inverter for Grid Connected Hybrid Wind-Driven PMSG-PV System.
  190. A New Switching Scheme for a New Multi Level Inverter Topology for Grid Connected PV Systems.
  191. A New Switching Strategy for Single Stage Boost Inverter Fed by Solar PV System.
  192. Transformer-Less Grid Feeding Current Source Inverter for Solar Photovoltaic System.
  193. Wind Energy System

  194. Comparative Study of Wind Turbine Power Converters Based on Medium-Frequency AC-Link for Offshore DC-Grids.
  195. Contribution of VSC-HVDC to Frequency Regulation of Power Systems with Offshore Wind Generation.
  196. Line Filter Design of Parallel Interleaved VSCs for High Power Wind Energy Conversion Systems.
  197. An Efficient UPF Rectifier for a Stand-Alone Wind Energy Conversion System
  198. Solid State Transformer Application in Wind Based DG System.
  199. Innovative Topology

  200. A New Hybrid Boosting Converter (HBC) for Renewable Energy Applications.
  201. Fuzzy logic based energy management strategy for a fuel cell/battery/ultra-capacitor hybrid ship.
  202. ANFIS-Based Control of a Grid-Connected Hybrid System Integrating Renewable Energies, Hydrogen and Batteries
  203. Quasi-Z-Source Inverter With a T-Type Converter in Normal and Failure Mode
  204. Supplementary Impedance-based Fault Location method for Series Compensated Lines
  205. Wireless Power Transfer System with an Asymmetric 4-Coil Resonator for Electric Vehicle Battery Chargers

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